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Crunchmaster (TH Foods)
Media Planning & Buying

About Crunchmaster & Products

Crunchmaster is a gluten-free cracker brand that is committed to proving wholesome and healthy snacks that can be enjoyed without compromise. The snacks are made with pure, California rice, seeds, and other better-for-you ingredients. Junction 37 was challenged to increase brand growth for Crunchmaster’s gluten-free crackers without the brand having an increase in distribution. We began working with Crunchmaster in April 2020, and our media launch happened to coincide with the nationwide stay at home order for COVID-19, which added a level of complexity.  

The Strategy

Junction 37 developed a strategy to gain category share with ad spend and stay top of mind amongst consumers. We found a competitive advantage during the pandemic despite the economic chaos and overall uncertainty American’s faced. J37 wanted to protect long term brand health and maintain consumer connections with creative messaging and media.  

J37 created a media strategy to increase Crunchmaster’s brand awareness through TV and digital video. We knew that brands that cut ad spend during the recession would come out weaker. Thus, our strategy was to utilize digital technology and media to remain present with consumers. Our main target was women ages 25-54 and those characterized as “Better For You Snackers”.   

The Work

J37 designed a TV buy with a premium mix and additional sponsorships that promoted Crunchmaster. The mix of cable networks and high indexing programming with the guaranteed primetime line up assured that our core audience would be reached. We used online video and Connected TV (CTV) with data to target audiences as well. E-commerce channels with Amazon DSP also let us target specific audiences. The pandemic shifted buying options from instore to online, and we designed ways to help customers successfully find and buy Crunchmaster products online as well.  

TV, online video, and e-commerce channels were utilized to help the brand health and raise awareness of Crunchmaster. We leaned into media to protect long term brand health and gain competitive advantage, while maintaining our consumer connections. TV ended up being the key to our success.

E-commerce helped consumers find Crunchmaster products, as online shopping became popular. Our goal was to increase relative share of voice, perceived share of voice, and product quality perceptions.   


  • Broadcast Network & Cable TV: Premium buy across 18 networks
  • Online Video (OLV)
  • Online Video Streaming: Hulu, YouTube, Amazon
  • E-commerce: Walmart, Instacart, Criteo, Precision Marketing

Crunchmaster Results

We successfully proved that with the right channel selection and marketing mix during a global pandemic we could fuel growth for Crunchmaster!  

  • The business went from -7% to +10% in the span of 12 weeks!  
  • E-commerce has driven estimated 220K+ units sold in brand sales at an ROI of $4:1  
  • Overall brand health was very responsive to media spend, especially with TV  
  • We saw our highest peaks in brand awareness, consideration and purchase intent during our TV flights.  


Want to learn more about our TV buy and how we crafted a unique media marketing mix during a pandemic? Contact J37 to hear more about our successful media strategies.  


Crunchmaster (TH Foods)


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