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About Genexa & Products 

Genexa is a company created by two Dads that were looking to create a safe medicine brand for their children. After a lot of research, working with medical professionals, and following FDA guidelines, Genexa created a new kind of trusted “clean medicine.” Our challenge was to support the growth of a relatively new brand in a highly traditional category of over the counter (OTC) medicine. Our goal was to inform consumers on what clean medicine is and why it’s important. We wanted to make people aware of this new brand and drive purchase intent for Genexa’s growing retail footprint. 

The Strategy  

J37 started by developing a comprehensive core audience analysis to determine the core media channels. The Genexa core audience, “the Better Seeker Parent”, lives a healthy, local, and socially responsible lifestyle and places a high value on organic products.  

To reach the “the Better Seeker Parent”, J37 turned primarily to video across broadcast, Connected TV, and online video, to inform audiences about the benefits of Genexa’s medicine. We also used these platforms to keep the brand top of mind to build in-store demand and retailer purchases. 

The Work 

At the start of the campaigns, media efforts were solely focused on broad reach and brand awareness. Halfway through the quarter, tactics shifted towards generating demand to boosting velocity, particularly in Walmart Supercenter locations where products had the best visibility and stock. By optimizing media toward quantitative ad engagement and directing online traffic to store locators and the Walmart site, we were able to sell more products and direct consumers towards purchasing products.  

Genexa and J37 also utilized influencer content featuring parents with their children and showed how Genexa could be found in-store aisles. Genexa and J37 activated copy featuring an Ibotta coupon at Walmart Supercenters to drive trials of the product during the cold and flu season.  


Our media plan covered both digital and traditional media. TV and Online Video (Pre-roll + over-the-top) had the largest share of investment.

Throughout the campaign we ran media across the following platforms:

  • Network and cable TV – featured on programming across ABC prime and cable affiliates
  • Paid Social utilizing video, static and animate banners as well as user generated content
  • YouTube leaning into 15s and 30s assets reaching known OTT medication purchasers
  • Yahoo DSP featuring audiences with known OTT Cold and Flu purchasers at Walmart
  • Over-the-top (OTT)  across Amazon in conjunction with Amazon Search and Amazon DSP media
  • TikTok to test with a parent and natural/organic shopper

Genexa Results  

The main goal for the Genexa campaign was to improve brand awareness. The secondary goal was to generate in-store demand. Our results:

  • +215% lift in brand awareness 
  •  +325% lift in consideration 
  •  +711% lift in purchase intent for Parents 
  •  +48% lift in sales in Walmart Supercenters 

 The program also drove a +196% increase in organic search traffic to during media flight dates and a +287% increase in new users to site. 

A combination of 6, 15, and 30 second video assets that highlighted the “clean medicine” message carried the awareness KPIs. We utilized some key carousel creative, static and animated banners, as well as influencer user generated content layered into generate demand. 


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