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About Hello & Products

Hello is a natural self-care brand sourced with thoughtful, responsible ingredients and materials. While working with Hello, J37 was challenged to help the brand stand out in a category dominated by two other major competitors. With significantly smaller marketing budgets we needed to be thoughtful and innovative in our strategy. Our goal was to raise awareness about the Hello brand and their natural and vegan products and drive trial to break through in a competitive and cluttered self-care category.  

The Strategy

Junction 37 utilized e-commerce and traditional brick and mortar retailers to support Hello’s growth, driving velocity and category share through a mixture of experiential, digital and traditional media channels. We applied an opportunistic approach to the media marketplace using data analysis applied in a real-time, agile manner, to beat brand goals and outgrow the other competitors in the category.  

To grow awareness of the brand J37 developed a mix of media channels based on performance against our key target audience. Fun and engaging creative on video platforms was utilized to target consumers who were into health and beauty, organic and natural products,  and millennial parents. We used Hello’s different product categories (oral care, deodorant, lip, soap, and sanitizer) to target and reach relevant consumers with relevant content. We developed a digital media plan to target people who were already brand loyalists and added consumers we knew would lean in and become future fans of Hello.   

The Work

J37 partnered with a variety of broadcast and cable networks to reach our organic mom focused audience. We secured a strong Prime and weekend mix, with additional coverage in co-viewing environments to reach our audience across high indexed programming. We secured spots in top cable programming such as Keeping up with the Kardashians on E! and 90 Day Fiancé on TLC with additional presence in other channels that resonated with Hello’s organic mom target audience. For video we partnered with other streaming services like Hulu and Amazon OTT to expand our reach.  

The 2020 pandemic impacted the media landscape, with a larger increase in views through connected devices, including social media. Overall Connected TV usage grew by 46%, which inspired us to capitalize on partnerships with Hulu, Amazon OTT, and other video channels. We used media and the “in-home” entertainment trend to highlight Hello, spread awareness, and gain more fans for Hello products.  

We leveraged a variety of video platforms and sources to get new and future Hello consumers. With data, we tapped into the most relevant audiences to capture intent and spread awareness across different points along the consumer journey. We also did OOH in New York City with a takeover at Penn Station and we were one of the first advertisers to use animated billboards in the subway. 


  • Broadcast & Cable Networks
  • Online Video: Hulu, YouTube, Amazon
  • Online Video: Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Display
  • Social: TikTok, Snap Chat, Facebook, and Instagram
  • E-commerce
  • SEM

Hello Results

In a world driven by digital media and shiny new objects we were able to use “traditional media” in a different way to win consumers and attain our highest category share ever! Our TV strategy did exceptionally well.  

We crushed our KPI’s!  

  • TV increased from 9% National Awareness to 18%  
  • 2x-3x Category Awareness Gains  
  • 2x Share Gains  

After working with Hello for over five years, we supported and grew the brand to be acquired by Colgate in 2020.  


Want to learn more about how we used traditional and digital media to promote brand awareness and more? Get in touch with us.




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