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About Only Organic

Only Organic is a non-profit organization devoted to informing consumers about organic agriculture and food production in order to educate about organic practices. They aim to help people understand what being organic really means and addresses environmental and health benefits of organic.

 Only Organic partnered with Junction 37 to increase awareness and sales of organic foods and products. The overall goal was to highlight the benefits of organic food, products and practices, eliminate confusion and drive familiarity of organic to give consumers the understanding that buying organic delivers peace of mind by protecting their household from 700+ chemicals found in conventional farming and manufacturing.

The Strategy

Our campaign objective was to educate consumers about how organic products can protect from unnecessary exposure to chemicals and toxins. Only Organic, in conjunction with creative agency Humanaut, developed a creative concept called “Skip The Chemicals” in 2019 which we continued to use in campaigns thru 2021, introducing new versions of the creative concept along the way. This messaging centered around unusually long ads in which over 700 chemicals were mentioned that can be avoided by buying organic. The key takeaway was, “Skip this ad and all these chemicals by buying organic”. This creative concept was developed into “The World’s Most Skippable Ad”, with creative versions of the 700+ chemicals being sung (Only Organic YouTube Ad), spoken as ASMR (World’s Most Skippable Only Organic Ad) and written out as cake decoration (Cake Decorating YouTube Video Ad). 

Although consumer tolerance for longer ads is diminishing, particularly on mobile devices, we saw the potential for this unique creative execution to drive strong lifts in consideration and purchase intent for organic foods if the creative was delivered within the right channels and to the right audiences.  

The Work

We turned to YouTube as the best video platform for promoting long-form content since skippable in-stream ads don’t have a maximum length. Our targeting approach leveraged audience insights which led us to prioritize Cooking & Food Enthusiasts and Healthy Lifestyle as our two main audiences. We reached these consumers using a combination of demo targeting (i.e. age, income) and interest targeting (i.e. Healthy Lifestyle, Foodie, Grocery Shoppers, etc.) to reach the right consumer, along with topic targeting (i.e. Health, Food & Drink) to reach consumers while they were consuming content that’s relevant to the brand message. 

On YouTube, we also layered in two minute cut down versions of the long-from video creative to drive stronger cost per view performance. These cut downs were also extended to Facebook/Instagram, where similar interest targeting was used to reach consumers who were most likely to consider the switch to purchasing organic. To round out our Facebook/Instagram video buy, we included link ads to build frequency, bring the brand message to top of mind and deliver a high volume of engaged site visitors. 

The Channels

  • Paid Social: Facebook, Instagram
  • YouTube

Only Organic Results

  • Website traffic increased 4x year over year
  • Long-form video on YouTube delivered an unprecedented average watch time per impression of over 6.2 minutes per impression
  • YouTube demonstrated an average cost per view of $0.03, outperforming the standard industry benchmark by over 3x
  • Facebook/Instagram link ads have delivered a 7.59% CTR, over 7x higher than the standard industry benchmark


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