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About Organic Valley & Products 

Organic Valley is an organic food brand founded in 1988 by an independent operative of organic farmers in Wisconsin. It’s the largest farmer owned organic corporation and one of the world’s largest consumer brands, known for their milk and cheese products. Their products are always organic and sustainable with no added hormones or antibiotics. Organic Valley is one of our founding clients and we’ve been working with the brand since 2016. 

We partnered with Organic Valley to grow awareness and connection amongst current and potential consumers. Our challenge was how to stand out from other competitors in the organic dairy market and build a deeper engagement and understanding of the brand. We partnered with Organic Valley with the goal to change hearts and minds of consumers. We utilized media to share more about their unique brand values and story, including highlighting their co-op, animal care, and farmers. 

The Strategy 

J37 developed a strategy to speak to our target audience of organic parents. As a result of the 2020 pandemic, we noticed digital platforms skyrocket in popularity and usage, including apps, audio streams, video, and more. We wanted Organic Valley to stay relevant and on consumers’ minds into 2021, coming out of the COVID-19 lifestyle. In addition, the competition in the organic dairy market has increased as consumers have become more mindful of organic benefits. Our strategy changed and evolved with the increased desire for consumers to buy organic, natural, and sustainable products. 

For 2021, J37 decided to capitalize on social channels and continued to spark brand loyalty amongst video platforms by integrating more story-telling media. We highlighted Organic Valley’s ethical animal care, giving back to farmers, and shared more about their values, while maintaining mass awareness via targeted national cable television. 

As YouTube and other streaming services gained popularity with the pandemic, we shifted from TV media to utilizing Connected TV.  J37 developed a video strategy to amplify visibility on all video platforms with strategic budgets and time periods. We also supported Organic Valley in creating new videos (VLOGS) on their YouTube channel that educated consumers more about Organic Valley’s brand story and increased awareness in the upper funnel. 

The Work 

J37 took advantage of the increased popularity of streaming video and utilized YouTube and video channels to prospect conscientious consumers and spark awareness. More efficient media tactics such as OLV, social, and search, were used to help with frequency and continuity. We had other online video (OLV) partners to enhance awareness and brand visibility.  

We promoted a mix of content on social and YouTube that educated consumers about the Organic Valley brand and their mission to change hearts and minds. A variety of recipes, content about ethical animal care, and eating inspiration contributed to our media strategy. “Grassmilk” was the core message highlighted to promote Organic Valley’s 100% grass fed cows. In addition to our existing “outside with love” brand message for our core milk products.  


  • National Cable TV
  • OLV
  • Social
  • E-commerce: Instacart
  • SEM

Organic Valley Results:  

Although TV spending was lower than in years past, through digital media we were successful in driving ad engagement, increasing website traffic, and building consumer loyalty. Through Connected TV, social, and YouTube we were able to sustain consumer engagement, drive site traffic, and highlight the Organic Valley brand and story in a new way. 

Key takeaways from the 2021 media campaign: 

  • Overall media campaign created above benchmark engagement across multiple platforms 
  • Steady Awareness and Consideration growth for Organic Parents and General Population – despite budget cuts 
  • Non-skippable Amazon & Hulu platforms got brand message seen with high VCRS on both platforms (98.4% and 98.7% respectively) 
  • Eating Inspirations recipes proved to be an effective touchpoint on social for consumers and drove efficient site traffic and high engagement rates 
  • The YouTube campaign was highly effective in driving strong engagement with deeper story telling content. VLOGS and Ask Organic Valley videos educated consumers and inspired new ways of connecting with the brand. 
    • The VLOGS on YouTube had high watch rates, despite being longer format, which engaged and grew audiences with content that brought the Organic Valley brand values to life. The videos give consumers a peek into their culture, animals, farming practices, and more. The content enhances the unique Organic Valley story and their why, which helps differentiate amongst competitors. 
    • The Ask Organic Valley content on YouTube created new ways to engage by answering popular and commonly asked consumer questions.   


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