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Splenda Stevia (Heartland Food Products)
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About Splenda & Products  

Splenda is an established household name and the #1 recommended sweetener brand by doctors and dietitians. While often used as a sugar substitute in coffee and drinks, it can also be used for baking and cooking. This low calorie-sweetener is a product that the diabetes communities love and trust. Alongside the hero product of the Splenda Yellow packets, Splenda also offers natural sweeteners created with monk fruit, Stevia, low-calorie creamers, and flavored sweeteners for drinks.  

While Splenda Yellow has deep penetration with the diabetes audience, in 2021 Heartland Foods decided it was time to expand that audience and drive awareness of their evolving product offerings. J37 was asked to develop a brand re-launch strategy to increase purchase intent and loyalty of Splenda sweetener products and provide halo support for their additional line of products including creamers, shakes, liquid water enhancers, and teas. Our goal was to grow the Splenda sweetener brand dollar share to 30% of the Low-Calorie Sweetener Category. 

The Strategy 

The J37 team was up for the challenge of overcoming high competition for inventory in the pre-holiday marketplace. In addition, consumers make fewer health-conscious decisions during the holidays. Our media strategy was designed with the need to break through to more than just the diabetic audience.  

A multi-channel approach was created to increase awareness and educate consumers that healthy eating isn’t a sacrifice or punishment. We developed a 360-strategy designed to offer a new perspective for consumers through trusted media partners that drove sales and brand share. We educated current and potential customers by showcasing ways to use Splenda products in their baking and everyday lives. We also informed the diabetic audience of the health risks of diabetes and products they can swap to decrease their sugar intake.  

The Work  

The 2021 holiday Splenda campaign was designed to inspire consumers to create a healthy lifestyle and make simple lower-calorie swaps during the holiday season with the use of Splenda products. We aligned with trusted video, audio, and content production partners to communicate this message to the healthy lifestyle and diabetes targets. We wanted to drive home how no matter where they are in their healthy lifestyle journey, Splenda is their trusted partner along the way. 

We used hyper focus targeting with a mix media blend to educate consumers. We also partnered with iHeartRadio and the Chicago Magnificent Mile Lights Festival and had a Splenda float in their 2021 parade. 

Tactics & Channels used to Drive Reach and Frequency 

  • Social Partnerships: Facebook/Instagram 
  • Site Direct Partnerships: Meredith, Local IQ (USA TODAY), WebMD 
  • Streaming Video: YouTube, Hulu, Amazon DSP
  • Streaming Audio, Podcasts, and Local Broadcast Radio Holiday Baking Contest, Endorsements from Station Host Talent Influencers and Sponsorship of Magic Mile Lights Parade in Chicago: iHeartRadio
  • Local TV Spots: Adele/Oprah Special highlighted natural synergy between Splenda and Adele’s health journey 

Splenda Results 

We exceeded our goal of 30% market share leading into 2022! 

  • Delivered over 55MM impressions over 3-month period driving 20M visits to Splenda.com  
  • Website traffic increased 23% YoY and 85% quarter over quarter 
  • Beat CPM benchmarks by 50%+  
  • 10 custom content pieces increased site traffic with digital partner packages and was able to create endemic content that will continue to live on Splenda.com even after the paid support ends 
  • Delivered 22.7MM added value impressions across channels (40% higher than planned) 
  • A partnership with iHeartRadio provided additional exposure nationally and in key local markets with well-known influencers, including Mario Lopez, his wife Courtney, and local radio DJs. 

The Chicago Magnificent Mile Lights Festival and Splenda Float gained consumer awareness and PR hype at the start of the holiday season with local audio activations and radio contests. In addition, an exclusive CBS one night special event with Oprah and Adele in November delivered additional added value in local key markets. 


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Splenda Stevia (Heartland Food Products)

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